Desire Of My Life

Recreation of Criscoart painting…

I want to fly, yes very high.

Not by force, but on my own course.

I want to be free, like a flowing breeze.

Not in line, but very fine.

I want to be kindly, yes very kingly.

Not by outside, but by inside.

I want to be real, like the nature.

Not for plaguing, but for benign.

I want to depart, yes my life’s part.

Not in combat, but by my covet.

I want to be in mind, like a history.

Not by atrocious, but with auspicious.

Believe in Yourself

Made by me (Saumya)…

Problems comes and goes like the waves of the ocean,

They are only to distract your mission.

Don’t walk with someone along,

Since your path is so long.

Never compare yourself with someone,

You’ve something that no one have.

Practice like you never achieve,

Perform like you never leave.

Never lose your hope,

To achieve a goal you’ve been sown.

Believe In Yourself,

Confront the fear by self.

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