In This Selfish World

Made by me (SAUMYA)

Never be too kind,

It hurts when they become blind.

Never be too close to someone’s,

It hurts when they meet newones.

Never trust too much,

It hurts when they lie so much.

Never be so mushy,

It hurts when they rummy.

Never be so benign,

It hurts when they keep plaguing.


Ballet With My Brush

Recreation of @criscoart painting by me (SAUMYA)

Set up your canvas,

Pick out the stuffs.

Look over the nature,

Thought about it’s creation.

Blend yellow, blue, green,

Paint the sky as starry screen.

Take out the fluffy brushes,

Time to make the bushes.

Furnish more detailing,

To make it stunning.

Now time to varnish,

So it can furnish.

Believe in Yourself

Made by me (Saumya)…

Problems comes and goes like the waves of the ocean,

They are only to distract your mission.

Don’t walk with someone along,

Since your path is so long.

Never compare yourself with someone,

You’ve something that no one have.

Practice like you never achieve,

Perform like you never leave.

Never lose your hope,

To achieve a goal you’ve been sown.

Believe In Yourself,

Confront the fear by self.