Trapped himself in the dark space,

So no one knows what’s gonna to take place.

Day and night, he passes with a pleasant smile,

Only to hide thousands of feelings and said he was fine.

Hundreds of people, but had a single sound,

Others are better, you are loser on this ground.

Those words were hurting his soul,

But no one cares to know what’s his goal.

Every time he tries to do his best,

But criticised to being the least.

Lots of questions bursting in his heart,

Why is he so dumb? Why is so vain?

Everyday he thought to do something,

But tagline was given you’re nothing.

Day by day getting into the stress trap more and more,

Like the water tooks away the sand from it’s shore.

Finally in his life that day comes,

When he declared himself a useless.

In the open sky, full of glittering stars,

Jumps from the rooftop only to hide his scars.

Tired of being compared, he committed suicide,

But still criticised that he lost by life.

Published by Saumya Kushwaha

Let others say what they want, but I'll do what I want

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