It is wrong to think the results even before working on it.

Yess, mostly many of us thinks the results even before we start working on it. We decide that the surely results will be worst or best in the beginning then ultimately we even don’t work for it even if we can but we don’t. Guys, think it for a while a thing in which we haven’t start working, how can we think the results will be this or that,how?? Friends, so this is not right to think this even if we think the same then we are judging our own capabilities by deciding it’s results.


Her Silence

People says that she speaks very little or almost not…
Have they ever wondered why does she do this or what’s the reason behind her silence???


As the time passes, fear of losing you increases.

With the time, fear of losing you increases no matters how much I struggle for you to remain the same. But it’s time and the situations which makes me think that one day I’ll lost you but again and again you made me understand that you will not but unfortunately dear, you are unaware of all this from which I am going through. Even after this, I’m not complaining to you for this also it doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you, I trust you but the situations makes me think that. Only I wish hope you can understand without me saying anything to you, but it’s okay. It’s not needed as I don’t want you to get tensed. I only want you to be happy and smiling ultimately through which I’m happy. I’m always with you. I believe in you. Always be happy, keep smiling, keep shining….😊😊😊😋😋🤗